COAS visit to Osun State: soldiers avert clash with police

What could have ignited a clash between soldiers and policemen was promptly nipped in the bud in Kuta, during the visit of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General T.Y. Buratai to the town in Ayedire Local Government of Osun State on Monday.

The gathered that a detachment of soldiers, stationed at the entrance of the Palace of the Olowu of Owu-Kuta while commissioning of the multi-million palace was ongoing, managed the situation and calmed the frayed nerve.

It was learnt that a policeman, attached to an Osun State traditional ruler, made efforts to enter the palace but was told by the soldiers of instructions to restrict traffic into the palace with a view to complying with COVID-19 preventive measures.

Argument ensued with the policeman justifying his insistence to join his principal inside the palace. In the course of the exchange, temper rose to almost physical engagement but superior officers quickly intervened and brought the incident under control.

Not long afterwards, the same policeman was back at the same spot, a situation which tempted a soldier to lose his cool. Again, the situation was put under control after which the COAS and other dignitaries came out of the palace to proceed to the commissioning of the bridge about 10 kilometres away from the palace.

One Mr Ademola Olarinoye, who was in Kuta at the instance of the Chief host, the Olowu-Kuta, Oba Adekunle Makama and also witnessed the scene, expressed his surprise at the gut displayed by the policeman at soldiers occasion.

“I don’t know where that policeman got that confidence to dare these soldiers. But I think he is lucky that these soldiers appear different from the soldiers we used to have in the past. What caused the clash between soldiers and police at Ojuelegba some years ago? I don’t think this policeman had joined the force or read about the clash. He would not have tried to engage soldiers for any reason. Ironically, the VIPs (Very Important Personalities) inside the palace would not know the danger which God has prevented here today,” Olarinoye said.

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