Yeyeluwa, mother Theresa of our time, Osun SSG

On the occasion of birthday of the Yeyeluwa of Edeland, Chief Mrs Modupeola Adeleke-Sanni, Secretary to the Osun State Government, Honourable Teslim Igbalaye, has described her as “Mother Teresa of our time.”

In a strong tribute he signed, Igbalaye also described Adeleke-Sanni as an extraordinary woman who combines positive attributes, confessing his admiration for her courage, strength and compassion with which she lives her life.

“Chief Adeleke-Sanni, you have truly been a helper of destinies, a guiding light for those who seek your wisdom and guidance. You selflessly devote yourself to the betterment of others, radiating kindness and love wherever you go. Your genuine concern not only for the people of Osun State but also for humanity in general, has touched countless lives, leaving a lasting impact in their lives,” he noted.

The SSG thanked the woman politician for support she had extended to him in his political career, acknowledging her faith in his abilities to hold position of responsibilities.

Igbalaye said, “Your guidance and your mentorship have played a significant role in my political elevation. Your generosity, both with your time and resources, has paved the way for opportunities and opened doors that I could only dream of.

“As I celebrate your birthday today, I pray for more blessings to rain down upon you and your family. May your life be filled with sound health, endless joy and abundance of prosperity. May your heart be filled with the warmth and love that you so graciously share with others.”

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