Fuji fans react to K1, Ayuba renewed love

What fuji music enthusiasts consider as a rare spectacle is currently being viewed on social media. Two celebrated fuji acts, K1 and Adewale Ayuba, allegedly seldom seen together, are captured in a show of affection on K1’s stage. The Tabloid.net didn’t get details of the party, as in location, when and the actual event, it, however, saw K1 delightfully singing praise of Ayuba and near perfectly miming some of his tracks in his ‘Bubble’ and ‘Ijo Fuji’ releases. Ayuba, wearing the same cap with K1, appreciated the gesture with a soft dance and currency which he sprayed on K1 and his band members. K1 did a quick reversal on Ayuba with crisp notes to the admiration of the watching audience. A cross section of fuji fans reacted to the show.

Mr Abdulazeez Abayomi, Kwara State

It is not a bad idea, Fujicians are gentlemen nowadays unlike olden days when there was war among them. I think they are all matured enough now; most of them are in money, more exposure and above all they are all learned.

Mr Yusuf Azeez, Lagos State

It is a welcome development. K1 is now showing more of a father figure and sincerely he deserved it having paid his due along the line. Sentiment apart, his contribution to fuji and not be denied. Ayuba is a classical musician who defined his line of fuji from on-set and up till now, He sticks to it. Having both together on stage shows harmony is returning to the house and to cap it all, someone underneath is paying the price . I want to believe K1 is doing that. Congratulations to us fuji creator fans, I am sure Sikiru Ayinde Barrister spirit will finally rest.

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Miss Bimbo Eso, Lagos State

The development makes sense, and I hope they sustain it. The space is there for them to explore without fighting one another.

Alhaji Rasak Moruf, Lagos State

It is a welcome development that signals a new era in Fuji genre of music. I don’t even know what to attribute the development to but it is really heart-warming. And it further shows that these Fuji Lords are now realising the need to come together to better the lots of their business. The set of new fans are not interested in their bickering but their beats since majority of today’s youths cannot decipher if the Fuji Musicians sing in parables like in the days of yore. Similarly, I watched Pasuma singing praises of Osupa on his birthday. That gesture was greeted with loud ovation from the fans of both of them. This means the fans are not even interested again in their perceived enmity.The social implication of this new development in Fujidom is that fans can go watch these artistes without fear of being molested or that fight may break out in the course of their shows. Most importantly, K1 needs to realise he is getting old and therefore needs to embrace all and sundry in the field of Fuji so that he can reign peacefully as long as God wants him to be.

Alhaji Ademola Adesingbin, UK

It is a good and welcome development in the Fuji music kingdom. We just hope the show of love is genuine one with continuity and will not be a mere public show.

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Hajia Idowu Dabiri, Lagos State

The K1 and Ayuba show of love reveals that the acrimony and animosity engendered by disregard for hierarchy and self-opinionated adulation, that had been unnecessary prior to now, have been overcome by almost all the fuji musicians. It further goes to show that there is much more maturity amongst the rank and file of Fuji musicians now. And, that has been the musical preaching of the Fuji music creator, Late Sikiru Ayinde Ololade Olanbiwoninu omo Balogun. Who, while alive, was humility and generosity personified.

Alhaji Lukman Badru, Osun State

What came to my mind immediately I saw the clip was the father-son relationship on stage between Sikiru Ayinde Barrister and Ayuba during a function for Buhari Oloto. It was an exciting and amazing moment watching both top Fuji artistes exchanging pleasantries with love. It was indeed good for the upcoming musicians to learn that the sky is wide enough for everyone to fly at his own pace.

Mrs Hakeemot Oyegoke, Ogun State

As Yoruba elders would say: we can only settle fights, we can’t settle grudges. K1 and Adewale Ayuba seem to have nursed grudges since ages ago. What Ayuba contends with K1 is that the latter is a snob, and he does not wish well for artistes coming behind him. Therefore, it may be wrong to assume that the two had buried the hatchet because of spraying of money at a show.

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