K1 is like a god to me-RillynDollar

Rillyn Dollar is a household name in Ode-remo, Ogun State as a top fuji musician whose vocal sound, percussion and stagecraft share semblance with that of K1. He speaks with The Tabloid.net on his career. Excerpts

When did you start your music career?

I started in 1989 after I had picked interest in music of K1. I can recall that his Tata 84, which he released in 1984, was the album that attracted me. That album was very popular in town then. I then began to listen to it and felt I could also sing. I was then at Ode-remo High School.

How many albums have you produced?

I have released two albums. I released the first one in 2003. It is titled ‘Preface’. The second is ‘Right’, and it was released in 2007.

What was performance of the two cds?

Let me say that they performed well to some extent, despite the fact that there was no promoter to push them in the market.

When was your best moment in your career?

That must be the day I launched my first record. I was so happy because of efforts which I put into it, in terms of rehearsals, recording and organizing the launching.

Have you met K1?

I have not been lucky to meet him in person but I think he is aware that I follow his style. Let me say it here that K1 is like an angel to me. That is why I chose him as my role model in the industry.

You said he knew you, how would you think he knows you?

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I sent my first cd to him in 2003, and I am aware he received it.

What are challenges you face?

There is nobody who does not face one challenge or the other in his or her career. I have my own challenges but they are not insurmountable. I face them as they come because life is full of challenges in different sizes. What is important is that we should confront our challenges headlong. This life is tough; it is meant for the tough one but if one is patient enough one can always find his way out of his challenges as they come. That is my philosophy of life.

Is it true musicians like women?

It is true we like women, but this is my explanation. Any profession, which is not patronized by women, especially cannot succeed. Music exposes musicians to the general public, not only to women. We don’t have our private life again; we are in public eyes on and off stage. And we are used to it. What is most important is that we should not be carried away; we should not abuse the opportunity because it an opportunity if you are loved by women.




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