At last, Ekiti civil centre comes alive

After years of waiting, the Ekiti Civil and Convention Centre, has come to life, commissioned by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo. Governor of Ekiti Sate, Dr Kayode Fayemi laid the foundation of this project during his first term but his successor, Governor Ayo Fayose allegedly refused to complete it on premise that it was not in his campaign promises to Ekiti State electorate.

As Fayemi returned to power in 2018, he resumed work on the project, leading to its completion and eventual commissioning to mark the third anniversary of his administration..

Standing conspicuously beside the road to the Government House in Fajuyi axis of the state capital, it is a three-floor edifice with adjoining offices and halls, which are yet to be occupied.

The ground floor has, however, picked up at least. It is a museum that houses various artifacts on display and pictures of notable and prominent dead and alive of Ekiti sons and daughters to showcase the cultural prowess and ingenuity of Ekiti State.

There is Epa headdress (ceremonial masquerade) which marks prominent in Yoruba culture. Another one is Epa mask (Head Dress) made off kiddo Bowl. Also, there is Sango (Oya) Bamileke figure. There are other artifacts made of different hues which further show the cultural prowess of Ekiti State and Yoruba land by extension.

Another noticeable feature is a careful look at these pictures on the ground floor, they are from various 16 local governments that make up the state both dead and alive. Among these notable pictures that is alive is the first graduate from Ado Ekiti, the Odoba of Ado Ekiti, Chief Alexandra Oluwatayo Ajayi, who is 90 years old. .

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Interview with curator of the museum, Mr Makinde Olalekan was very interesting. He briefly gave the standing rules of the museum and intimated that the artifacts would be displayed during the forthcoming Ekiti Cultural Festival.

The gathered that efforts were underway by government to lease the three unoccupied floors to willing investors,

A resident of the state, who pleaded for anonymity, said the era of going to cinemas was fast eclipsing due to the state of technology as people now watch film on phones. The well-travelled man raised a pose on number of people interested in taking excursion to watch artifacts, considering the level of religious awareness of the people.

Beyond that, he said the proximity of the Civic Centre to Ekiti State Government House poses a security risk to the government officials, in reference to the former Owena Motel which was converted to Governor Office during the Otunba Niyi Adebayo administration.

But another respondent said that the edifice, when finally put into use, would serve as a means of generating more fund for Ekiti State Government and also increase the Internally Generated Revenue and also generate more employment for the school leavers and reduce crime in the state.

“Whichever way it is being looked at, by the time Ekiti Civic And Convention Center takes full operation , one would be able to have further insight as how it operates which both sides of its coin will be fully exploited,” he said.


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