Prophet receives condolence visitors over mother’s transition

Congregations of christian worshippers alongside friends, families and associates from far and near continue to throng the Ireakari Street, Inalende community, Ibadan, Oyo State home of the late Dr Alice Mosunmola Apata, President, Good Women, CAC Worldwide, to commiserate with the General Overseer, Christ Apostolic Church, Arogungbogunmi International, Prophet Richard Kolawole, and members of the Apata family on the death of their mother.

Until her passage on Sunday, October 23, at age 101, Mama Alice Apata was President, Good Women, CAC Worldwide.

Dwelling on the inevitability of death, Prophet Kolawole in an exclusive interview with Oyo Reporters, on Tuesday, lamented that the affluents as well as those in leadership positions oftentimes forgot that end is imminent.

According to him, Africa and its people appear jinxed due to the fact that majority of our leaders are selfish and blinded by vain glory and selfishness.

Kolawole cautioned those in leadership positions against overzealous attitude, saying that one day every man shall close his eyes in death to give account of his stewardship before God.

The man of God said that “Our leaders misbehave oftentimes because they get carried away by spoils of office. They are blinded by the vagueness of the present time forgetting that there is tomorrow. They are deceived by the positions, wealth and accolades that they get. They would, therefore, forget about death, which is the ultimate end of every man.

“Usually in Africa, we have problem of bad leadership. It is difficult for them not to forget the poor. Whoever is ungodly would misbehave at the threshold of success. This is because he might arrogate his successes to himself. He would take for granted the fact that the battle is not for the strong nor the race for the swift.

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“This is usually the reason why most of the people in positions of authority take the masses for granted. They believe in themselves. That is why Africa is so backward. Take for instance our past military head of state who starched our commonwealth in different foreign accounts while Nigerians continue to suffer.

“We need a selfless person who believe sincerely in the fact that success is measured by the number of lives that were impacted and not by the trillions that starched in bank accounts. The scriptures says we shall begin to enjoy the joy of the Lord right on the earth.”

Prophet Kolawole said that the burial ceremony of Mama Apata would be announced later.

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