Osun PDP warns APC over false alarm

Osun State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has described the All Progressives Congress (APC) purported SoS sent to security agencies in the state as a smokescreen for the APC’s plot in the state.

To this end, the governing party warned the opposition and asked Osun  residents to be more vigilant against possible attacks by militant wing of the opposition party.

Chairman of the party, Honourable Sunday Bisi, in a statement, enjoined the Police and other security agencies not to allow themselves to be swindled of their operational ethics by what he called the “diversionary tactics of some known criminals clad in opposition regalia to unleash their usual trade of terror on innocent people of the state.”

Bisi also warned anyone who may want to test the will of Governor Ademola Adeleke- led PDP administration, to sustain the peace being enjoined by the good people of Osun State, to either have a rethink or be served in equal measure of any attack on any human or material assets in any part of the state.

He said, “The Police and the DSS especially, are by that unnecessary but suspicious hoax by the APC, advised to hit their alarm code and work smarter, beyond usual antics of the APC, who often shed crocodile tears for the cameras ahead of their already hatched terror attack, invariably to disrupt the peace of the state”

“We are compelled to remind the police that it is actually about the time of the year APC would want to subject peace loving people of the state to sorrow. It is about the time of the year the blood sucking nest of killers enjoy oiling their guns to kill and maim”

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“The State police command in actual fact, should dust its files and refresh itself with records of mass killing of PDP supporters in the state by APC thugs after similar alarm earlier raised by the same party.”

“It was about this time of the year, when the APC ‘condemned’ militants invaded the Oranmiyan building, in the heart of Osogbo, with guns and rockets, where friends of their leader and former governor Rauf Aregbesola were holding their meeting. The police should remember that many of the victims only managed to keep their lives by the whiskers of God’s grace, but not without scars of gunshots’

“It was also about this time of the year the APC urchins attacked the campaign train of PDP in Ilesa, leaving no fewer than ten supporters of the now ruling party dead, including the son of one of our women leaders in Ijesa land’

“Our party expects the police to be familiar with such recycled antics of APC by now. Whenever they raise an unnecessary alarm in an atmosphere of peace, they are actually about to unleash terror and destabilize the peace”

“However, the PDP will continue to support concerted efforts of His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke aimed at encouraging security architecture in the state to be several steps ahead of the devil incarnates, not minding their clever by half tactics.”

“Contrary to daily apprehension that characterized APC’s regime, residents of the state are now conveniently going about their legitimate businesses without let or hindrance. Nobody under whatever guise, will therefore be allowed to tamper with the progress we have made in security of lives and properties, which we consider fundamental to achieving government goals of democratic dividends.”

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“Again, we maintain that opposition can continue to blab around as they like in their opposition roles and as bestowed on them by laws of the land and the indomitable people of Osun State through the July 16 2022 governorship election. They must however limit themselves to that.”

“Any attempt to deface the prevailing peace in the state will be resisted by whatever means possible under the law.”

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