Osun PDP berates APC factional leader

The governing Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), in Osun State has called to task the factional Chairman of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State, Hon Tajudeen Lawal over his alleged attack on newly commissioned projects in the state, warning the opposition to purge itself of persistent idle talks.

In a statement signed by the PDP Chairman, Hon Sunday Bisi, the PDP advised the APC not to run itself into disarray in less than a year of Governor Ademola Adeleke’s administration.

Bisi asserted that Osun State had undergone tremendous progress, with increasing interest from investors seeking to contribute to the state’s growth and development, in the past 11 months.

“This improved governance has understandably reduced the opposition APC to cheap gossip hustlers, engaging in spinless grumblings, which appear to be driven by their obvious apprehension in the face of Governor Adeleke’s growing popularity based on his people’s friendly disposition in office,” he said.

Bisi described the Osun APC Chairman and his handlers as men of yesterday, genetically allergic to the positive impact of good governance as such is strange to their DNA, both as individuals and collectively as members of notorious gangsters in APC.”

He particularly asked Lawal to go back to his lords for proper orientation about standard rudiments of his roles as opposition chief priest before he destroys the little strands of life left in the deposed locusts.

“The schoolboy talks of the likes of Lawal, aggravated by the amalgamated incompetence of some scavengers around him, who have reduced the ‘once upon a time’ ruling party to moonlight jesters, whose low managerial acumen mirrors the protracted challenges faced by his party and his role as the face and commander in chief of opposition colony in Osun State.

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“Lawal should educate himself about the concept of Tax Credit Arrangement, as infrastructure finance weaponry deployed as a policy, offering tax credits to individuals, organizations or businesses as incentives for specific activities. These tax credits effectively lessened the tax liabilities of the recipients with the state also having stipulated infrastructure plugging in return”

“This is precisely part of what Governor Adeleke advocated, resulting in the recently commissioned projects. It Is also worth reminding Lawal that the state’s infrastructure deficit is a direct consequence of their 12 years of mismanagement Which almost buried the state in financial rubbles. It therefore requires all patriotic efforts and political will of the state Governor to bring the state back to life.

“This is not Oyetola’s Pandora Mansion arrangement whereby the state is looted dry with the proceeds shipped out and splashed on choice mansions in London. His Excellency, Governor Ademola Adeleke will continue to do everything within the law and his mandate to develop Osun State and the APC must brace themselves for this If it aches them in any way”

“As a matter of fact, His Excellency will gladly offer the tearful APC the same pattern of incentive whenever they develop a heart of genuine love for Osun State by investing in any developmental sector in the state. Even it is just a block of pure water business and not just busy themselves exuding pains of an abruptly weaned infant,” he added.

Osun State, according to Bisi, is no longer a fertile ground for some tinted criminals, using the state as a hatchery for looting public funds, thereby pinning helpless people down to log of poverty.

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“To address APC’s ignorance, Edo State Governor, Governor Obaseki, attended the commissioning upon Mr. Rasheed Sarumi’s invitation, as they share a friendly relationship.” This happens everywhere with people of impeccable integrity as against some nests of barefaced thieves disguising about in political babarigas.

“Government is said to be a continuum and the continuity certainly cannot be in offsetting only the APC imposed financial liabilities. The PDP administration in the state is bound, as contained in the path of office and the pact signed with the masses of Osun, to ensure continuity of developmental projects and resuscitate all abandoned ones for the wellbeing of the state.

“If Governor Adeleke had acted vindictively like his predecessor, throwing punches around, fighting everybody, mostly imaginary enemies and abandoned all projects initiated with the state funds, borrowed or PPP arrangements, the 55km roads would not have been completed for the use of the good people of the state,” Osun PDP Chairman emphasized.

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