At WILL-B Excellence School, education, sports jostle for spots

Few schools these days prioritise sports beyond days assigned for them. Class work has since taken a pride of place in curious contradiction to days of yore when schools competed fervently for recognition in sports.

But WILL-B Excellence School, Ijegun, Lagos State has taken the bull by its horns, as it were, in changing the story for good. From the nursery through primary to secondary cadre, the combination of education and sports is all evident, thanks to the management that has drawn out an efficient curriculum to merge both effectively.

The Proprietor, Elder William Folorunsho Olaoye, and the Principal, Mr. Gboyega Tosin Adeuyi, have conscientiously encouraged and supported a remarkable representation of both male and female pupils and students in sports activities.

In the past three months, for instance, the school has staged two mini sports festivals that attracted prominent personalities including captains of industry, schools’ administrators, government officials, the clergy and journalists from far and near.

Aside from the pupils and students being the better for it, in terms of recognition for their budding talent, the entire Ijegun community has also never had it so good.

But the story of WILL-B’s sports revolution would not be complete without due recognition for veteran sports journalist, Mr. Femi Olusetire, who teaches English in the school.

Olusetire’s legendary skills in sports events’ organisation has been brought to bear on how the school attained wider recognition for sports through adequate participation. The future can only get brighter.



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