I’m in the race to win-Akpabio declares

A presidential aspirant in the All Progressives Congress (APC) Senator Godswill Akpabio has declared that he was not in the race to make up number of aspirants but rather to pick the sole ticket at the primaries.

Delegates from the South East geo- political zone then endorsed him and said, “you are our own, you are our in-law and there is no way we will not support your ambition.”

Moving the motion endorsing Akpabio as their sole candidate, today, a chieftain of the APC, Senator Emma Anosike stated unequivocally, “let us declare here publicly that all our votes from the South East is for our in-law, Senator Akpabio. Let us follow who knows the way.”

And the delegates chorused in the affirmative.

Speaking in the same vein, Hon Basil Ejidike and Barrister Okechukwu Ogbela, APC chairman of Anambra and Enugu States respectively also stated, “you are one of us and we have to support you. You are our in-law, we promise you that we will stand by you. In our tradition, what you cannot get from your father, you get it very easily from your in-laws and yours shall not be an exception.”

The former Minister of Niger Delta Ministry added, “I am running for the presidency of Nigeria based on my past and present records. I can’t come to Igbo land, where I married from and start telling you what I have done. You all know what I did as the Governor of Akwa Ibom State in eight years.

” I decided I must be here today if not for anything, to tell you that I am in the race, not just in the race, but in the race to win. I stand before you today to say, Godswill will be done in Nigeria and I will be sworn as your next President in 2023. I am one person that wants progress and unity of Nigeria.

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“I have a blue print for the whole of the South East. I feel your pains. My program for this country is on there planks, namely, fight insecurity with modern technology, unite the country and improve on its economy. I will address all injustices together. I will not disappoint Nigerians as your President,” he promised.

Akpabio further said,”I am the only governor who turned boys into men. I declared free and compulsory education for all residents in the state not only for Akwa Ibom children. I fought drug proliferation. As the President, we will fight drug abuse, strengthen the NDLEA and NAFDAC to ensure that hard drugs don’t get into the country.”

On religious tolerance, he recalled, “I used my position to build religious bridges across Nigeria. Most of my personal aides were not from Akwa Ibom State. I have done a lot to encourage religious tolerance and that is why I said, I am running on my records and not where I come from.”

Senator Akpabio paid glowing tributes to President Muhamadu Buhari for his efforts in transforming the country and bringing to fruition the Second Niger Bridge and appealed to the people of the South East to support the President in his efforts at leaving behind enduring legacies


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