Ibadan Trans-Amusement Park faces extinction threat

Fun-seeking population of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, who are addicted to cooling off at the Trans-Amusement Park, may soon lose that treasured facility.

TheTabloid.net gathered that all is set by the Oyo State Government to convert the 67- acre arena to a property developer estate named ‘Park Manor GRA’.

Also known as the Trans Wonderland, the recreation haven is located at Samanda in a two-minute drive distance to the University of Ibadan entrance and the popular Bodija Market.

It was learnt that the park was conceptualised by the military regime of the late Oyo State Governor Colonel Adetunji Olurin in 1987 and commissioned by Colonel Sasaeniyan Oresanya in 1988 with a view to providing children and adults a centre to loosen up at weekends and during holidays.

But our correspondent’s visit to the Wonderland on Sunday, September 17, 2023, confirmed an ongoing work at the right section of the main entrance where a standing grader machine had cleared a piece in readiness for the conversion.

A further tour into the section where recreational riders are installed revealed a place not in maximum use. However, further assessment indicated that the Park is till serving public who visit for picnics and sundry relaxation activities.

All the riders are functioning just as restaurant and associated outlets are also operational to visitors, thereby allegedly generating at least N25 million in a year.

It was also learnt that in a matter of days, major equipments in the parks would be dismantled while already the cable which supplies electricity is being disconnected. Our correspondent saw the hole dug to bring out the cable.

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The same fate is alleged to be awaiting the flourishing Agodi Garden also marked to be converted to another property tourism.

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