No regret dumping PDP for APC-Balogun

Senator, who currently represents Oyo South Senatorial District, Dr Kola Balogun, has risen to put a lie to a report that he was planning to return to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) he dumped in May 2022.

In his reaction to a social media statement that he regretted joining the All Progressives Congress (APC) and was seeking apology of the PDP, Balogun said such plan exists in imagination of the sponsor.

He was reported to have said “I don’t know that APC operations are full of lies until I joined them, PDP should forgive me.”

Balogun, however, in a statement he personally signed, dismissed the report as a figment of imagination and a mere wishful thinking of the hatchet writer(s).

“I found it very laughable reading a one-sentence statement attributed to me to the effect that I regretted joining the APC and that I apologised to the PDP.

“This is nothing but a figment of imagination and a mere wishful thinking of the hatchet writer(s) or whoever may be behind such an absolute falsehood.

“What is there to apologise for? Why should the tail be wagging the dog? The PDP should apologise to me and not the other way round.

“While the PDP has some men and women of integrity and honour that I know, it is very clear that the party, at all levels, has some elements that one would not wish to associate with.

“The same is obtainable in the APC which has some men and women of integrity and honour and also has some men and women who lack those virtues, most especially at the state level,” he said.

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Balogun disclosed that some members of his former political party have been making moves to make him return to the PDP, but added that he had given them a piece of his mind on the issue.

He added, “Yes, we have good people in the PDP, both at the state and federal levels, especially in the National Assembly where I have many good friends who are PDP members.

“I still maintain my friendship with them and we do relate on a regular basis. They have been making genuine overtures, trying to bring me back to the PDP fold.

“I have told them a piece of my mind on the issue. I have my honour and integrity. I have a name to protect.

“Life is far beyond being a senator or seeking for a senatorial ticket. There is more to life than seeking for elective public office by all means.”

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