Adron Homes set to break new ground

With the ongoing work at its City Park and Gardens at Asejire, a suburb of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, Adron Homes and Properties seems to be ready for post-COVID-19 operation with a view to making more classes of property owners without a need to break their vaults.

The, gathered that efforts are in top gear to strengthen the company’s relationship with the general public through a reinvigorated media concept aimed at boosting a better understanding of the company’s services.

The concept, which is expected to hit the air in the first week of August, according to a source, is designed to further showcase the company’s reach and update the public of the ground so far covered in property development.

An official, who craved anonymity, empathised with the public over the COVID-19 and made an assurance of the company’s readiness to make its service more economic friendly in order to achieve its target of making many landlords in the country.

“I have no authority to speak to the press but your question of our progress is accurate. At Adron Homes and Properties, we are known for our operational and corporate integrity which we cannot, under any circumstance, compromise. So, from August, you are going to see what we are cooking. But for now, let us keep it in the kitchen,” the source said.

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