Supporters in tears after Senbanjo’s decision

…promises Gov Abiodun re-election

Emotions submerged Omoba Segun Senbanjo’s supporters on Thursday as they broke down in tears when they received news that their candidate for Ogun East Senatorial District election had stepped down for Otunba Oluseyi Oduntan.

They were, however, comforted by Senbanjo who promised to remain with them and urged them to cast their ballots in support of Oduntan.

While addressing them, he assured that he would work assiduously to get the governor re-elected.

Text of OmoOba Segun Senbanjo’s speech.

I cannot over emphasise that H.E Dapo Abiodun remains the best preforming Governor Ogun State has ever produced in the history of the State. His excellent performance in various sectors of our local economy is not only exceptional but exemplary in the areas of of Infrastructure, Education, Health and Transportation.

He has achieved a record that none of his predecessors could boast of, by increasing the State IGR of N100 billion, attracting Direct Foreign Investment to the State of up to $1 billion dollars.

Furthermore, he remains the first Governor of Ogun State to establish an Agro hub airport and also build several Ports in the State.
Governor Abiodun remains the 1st Governor to create high numbers of levels of Job creation never witnessed in the State, thereby reducing the rate of unemployment never witnessed before.

On infrastructure, I cannot overemphasise that H.E Dapo Abiodun remains the best performing Governor of Ogun State, he is the best ever produced in the history of the State.

His excellent performance in various sectors of our local economy is not only exceptional but exemplary in the areas of of Infrastructure, Education, Health and Transportation.

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I am currently discussing with and engaging the Bill Gates foundation with the hope and promise to bring and establish several welfare programs which will impact our brothers, sisters and youths in our constituency.

In addition, I am also discussing with some potential foreign investors with the aim that they will invest and establish industries in our constituency.

I will continue to support and serve my constituency within my utmost capabilities by ensuring that not only the continuous selfless agenda of Governor Abiodun is implemented but also my desired program for the people of my constituency is brought to fruition.

If it is who will spend the most money, I cannot compete. If it is “I have been this or that, senator governor, this and chairman that, I will not win this primaries.

If it is about money, all of you our distinguished delegates will not be here. And why will you not be here? You cannot be bought by money or influence ever again . Never again.

Distinguished delegates, you are the power and I am here to humbly ask that you allow me represent that Power; to be your mouthpiece and discuss your socio- economic needs in Ogun East constituency with our Governor and bring empowerment and development to our zone and the entire state.

This is worth more than selling your votes. This is about your individual and party independence. Let our members freely decide who they want as their representatives and not taking orders from any one.

This election is not just about who goes to senate or other positions, but an opportunity to restore supremacy of party members and not taking orders from any one. I represent that change.

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I offer you change; change from master-servant to equal partners.
Distinguished delegates, you are the power. Without you there is no president, Governor, Senator or House of Reps, etc.

The journey to these offices always start here, with you distinguished delegates. We come and promise you gold and diamond and sometimes even harass you to vote for us.

But what happens after people arrive Abuja? You don’t feel any impact for four years.
I offer you change as your servant-senator to go to Abuja and fight for our state and to go to Abeokuta to fight for our constituencies, not to regale in my position.
Big man? No, I will not be a ”big man” in Abuja. We will work together at the local level and build and develop ogun state together, which is Governor Abiodun’s socio-economic policies, that is my promise to you.

I know the issues and will join hands with our amiable and hard working Governor Abiodun to achieve his people oriented policies, plans and projects.

God bless you.
God Bless Ogun East.

God Bless Ogun State. Iseya…

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