Barryfest 2022: My unforgettable experience

I can’t fault the opinion of one great Islamic scholar that goes thus; “surely, every man becomes history after his sojourn on earth, be an exemplary history for posterity”.

That Ayinde Barrister’s prayer request for endless fame is answered is no longer a story. What remains amazingly important is how stronger the faithful across the Barrycentric groups are trying to outdo one another, 11 years after his demise.

The three-day Barryfest started from the Fuji Chamber on 11th of February, 2022. The sizeable edifice was filled to the brim while the living room where the remains of Barrister is interred was opened for all to access.

Dignitaries and fans including his contemporaries from far and near honoured the invitation as the fans inaugurated the *”FUJI HALL OF FAME”* as part of efforts to appreciate the input of fuji genre in social circle.

The last two of the three-day events were held in Ibadan, the ancestral home of the Fuji Lord.

A round-town procession was held which I unfortunately missed due to delay on the journey down to the ancient city. Those that attended the possession were already at the venue by the time I arrived. I was a bit tired due to the fatigue of journey.

Even though I am an indigene like the late icon, I never got to that part of the great city lesser part and I doubt if Barrister ever got there!

Inside me, I was uncomfortable with the stress. Why should we come this far when we have several facilities across the state?

Arriving the venue brought some sorts of relief. I entered the expansive Ilaji Hotels and Sports Resort.s and saw a place to behold. The first experience of the last two days is nostalgic.

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We were ushered in to the facility by security check to prevent unauthorized access that can lead to security breach.

I planned to go out after checking in but the aura of the facility quickly erased the thought.

My club, the Ayinde Barrister Legacy Club, had detailed the *Vice President, Bola Oritoke Akinjobi to commission an arrangement for the dinner for members before we proceed for the Gala Night that usually extended to the following day.

Gala Night was held at the *Bush Bar* where members across the group wined and dined as we listened to Barrister’s music both on sound system and large screen with the aid of projector.

We later recessed to our hotel accommodation around 4 am to have the deserved rest before preparing for the final segment of the programme slated for Sunday.

Surprisingly, as we were buying more time to relax before the kick-off of the grand finale, guests were already trooping. The hall was already half filled with guests. This prompted the organisers to quickly mobilize members to the venue. Generally, it was a fabulous experience, and members might not forget in a hurry.


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