Kidnapping: security expert reveals fresh secret

Against the backdrop of cases of alleged involvement of Yoruba youths in abduction of unsuspecting people, a security expert, who is Chairman of the Osun State Harmonized Vigilante Group, Alhaji Ridwan Hussein, has substantiated the allegation while he did not absolve suspects from other ethnic groups of the crime.

The Ede-born, famously known as Ya-salam, specifically revealed that Fulani’s unguarded accommodation of all who speak their language, contributed to crime rate as foreign nationals sneak into the country and allegedly commit crime with Fulani identity.

He disclosed that Nigerian youths generally had transformed from armed robbery to kidnappings, having discovered the latter as a goldmine with a minimum risk. He, therefore, urged Nigerians not to single out one tribe in the crime but rather be conscious of others who hide under a general opinion to perpetrate the crime.

Ya-salam recalled incident of a young man, who kidnapped his cousins in Osogbo last year, but feigned innocence as a member of search team until investigation unmasked him as the mastermind to fleece parents of the unfortunate children detained inside bush, adding that the Fulani arrested along with him were only assigned auxiliary role.

“If he had not been caught, everybody would have said Fulani kidnappers had entered Osogbo. That is why I always say it on air that we should not take things for granted and restrict our security consciousness to a tribe. Our youths are becoming lazy and looking for quick wealth to drive big cars and build big houses,” he noted.

Ya-salam challenged parents and guardians to take active interest in sources of livelihood of their children and wards to avoid public ignominy, especially with the renewed effort of law enforcement agencies to go after sundry criminals in the country.

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He said that parents and guardians who failed in their responsibilities to monitor and guide their children would have cause to gnash their teeth when the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) operatives, for instance, strike and throw them into cells.

“We have seen how yahoo-yahoo boys are being dealt with now. Isn’t it a shame to parents who don’t care about how and where their children make money they show off on streets? There is no ignorance in law; parents should act fast before it is too late for them. They should tame their children’s crave for material items at the expense of their future,” he said.

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