Nine ruling houses admonish Makinde on Alaafin’s stool

Spurred by last week’s news that a new Alaafin had emerged and the Oyo State Government’s prompt disclaimer, nine royal houses of the Alaafin Atiba descendants have called the state Governor, Seyi Makinde to refrain from being pressured into a hasty decision.

They urged the governor to be transparent by ensuring the ongoing court case on the matter is resolved.

At a Press Conference held in Oyo on Saturday 6th May, 2023, the families said it would be a match on the Judiciary, as an important organ of government, to approve a new Alaafin while the court case is still pending.

They sought Makinde’s recognition of significance of the traditional institution in the selection process for a new Alaafin, referring to the Chieftaincy Declaration being a document “that outlines the hierarchy and procedures for the selection and appointment of traditional rulers in the state.”

The aggrieved families demanded that the declaration be respected to decide the new Alaafin and safe the town of disharmony after the selection.

“Therefore, it is important for Governor Makinde to maintain the status quo and respect the autonomy of the traditional institution until the court case is resolved. This will not only ensure a smooth transition process but also serve as a testament to the governor’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and promoting justice and equity in the state.

“It is essential that Governor Makinde prioritize the resolution of the court case before any action is taken with regard to the appointment of a new Alaafin. This will ensure that the process is transparent, fair, and just, as required by the law.
Gentlemen of the press, it is time to put an end to the years of discrimination that has ,” they said.

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They lamented that the nine Atiba children had in the past suffered marginalisation in  selection of the Alaafin despite their inalienable right to the throne, specifically asking the governor to break the jinx and approve the new Alaafin from among the deprived children and set a precedence for future purposes.

The families alleged that the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy had what they called a defective process, promoting marginalization of nine of the Alaafin Atiba children from ascending the throne of their father.

“As a government that values justice and equality, we implore the governor to act in the interest of the people and uphold the findings of the competence commission of enquiry into the stool of Alaafin. This will not only promote equity and fairness but also help to foster unity and inclusiveness in the community,” they submitted.

Present at the conference were Prince Sina Afolabi, Adeitan family; Prince Remi Azeez, Tella Okitipapa family; Prince Lamola Olanite, Olanite family; Prince Agboin Adelabu, Adelabu family; Prince Raji Adediran, Adediran family; Prince Nureni Taiwo,Tella Agbojulogun family; Prince Muftau Adejare Adesokan, Adesokan Baba Idode family; Prince Adesiyan, Adesiyan family and Prince Bello Rasheed of the Abidekun family.

In unison, they felicitated the governor for his re-election, described as a proof of public confidence and love for his first tenure from May 29, 2019.  They thanked him for his respect to the rule of law on traditional institutions.

“Moreover, the governor’s decision to reject the illegality in the selection process of the new Alaafin has shown that he is a leader who is not swayed by sentiments or personal interests. He has shown that he is willing to uphold the rule of law and ensure that due process is followed in all matters,” they said.

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