In US, Gbangbalasa’s family welcomes new daughter

Aside the newest couple, Dr Titilope Ajayi and Mr Bamikole Gbangbalasa Jnr and their friends who were evidently submerged in concentrated air of bliss, their parents as well as galaxy of invited guests were no less in sky-bound spirit, beaming with infectious smiles.

They were showing off their right mood for the wedding which they had eagerly looked forward to see from the moment the golden invites were unveiled.

The gathered that the setting of the occasion matched guests’ expectations, in terms of attendance and aesthetics, particularly the uniform fabrics stylishly adorned by the elegant dignitaries. It was a model ceremony blending Yoruba culture with western flavour.

The traditional engagement, held at the UA House 1100 E Fayette Street, Baltimore on Saturday, October 1, 2022, preceded the wedding reception hosted on Sunday October 2, 2022.

That engagement witnessed the climax of Gbangbalasa’s friends’ excitement; With undisguised enthusiasm indicative of sending him off bachelorhood, they carried him on their shoulders in a dramatic spectacle of victorious footballers at major championships.

They danced, they gyrated, they showered rain of crisp dollar notes of mixed denominations on their friend in total display of their love for him as he stepped into the class of responsible men.

The reception too was an assembly of creme-de-la-creme of Yoruba community resident in the US, conspicous among of whom was an insurance executive, Alhaja Monsura Lawal, who attended alongside her thespian daughter.

Lawal remarked that her presence at both engagement and reception was her way of showing love to the Gbangbalasas whom, she said, deserves her time and attention.

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She described her attendance as a thing of joy “to have made it to the wedding which was full of fun and interesting personalities. What we saw at the function showed that parents of the new couple were responsible. May God bless their union.”

The soft-spoken woman urged Nigerians in the US and other foreign countries to always identify with one another to project Nigeria as land of love, regardless of the current challenge.

“That should be our role to douse tension, regarding State of our country. Our leaders should have interest of the masses at heart. Nobody should be happy with what goes on back home but I am positive that God has not forgotten us,” she noted.

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