Adeleke’s transformational agenda re-echoed

By Sarafa Ibrahim

Keeping up with the pace of developments recorded so far and setting tones for more progress requires a team that have the understanding of the work at hand. The team members must be quick thinkers, proactive, problem solvers, resourceful, multitasking, team players and deeply committed.

These were the highlight of the three-day retreat organised by the Osun State Government for the newly inaugurated Commissioners and Special Advisers.

Declaring the event open on Monday, Governor Ademola Adeleke shared his bold mission of transforming Osun state in line with the dream of founding fathers, urging the appointees to dedicate themselves to his goal of achieving a new Osun state. While congratulating the officials on joining him in the task of moving the state forward, Governor Adeleke reminded the appointees of the huge work at hand by pointing out that “Osun people expect top notch performance from all of us.”

“Our Governorship campaign was based on a five point agenda. It resonated with our people and they massively supported my ambition based on that agenda,” the Governor remarked, before going on to add that “As appointees in various offices, I urge you to take note. This is to ensure that your ideas and innovations reflect the overall framework of our five point agenda.”

The governor outlined the five point agenda and carefully illustrated how their implementations will restore Osun state on the path of progress and developments. Highlighting the impressive scorecard of his administration in the short time has been in office, Governor Adeleke noted that “In eight months, we have become a national reference point in good governance. We have landmark records in roads, bridges, culvert and channelisation construction.”

“Our education reaches out to provide instructional materials for public schools. We launched aggressive water works rehabilitation programmes and constructed 332 boreholes across the political wards. We launched the Osun Digital Economy agenda. Osun now has state ICT policy, State Tech Innovation Policy, State Startup domestication policy and State Goggle Mapping Project.

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“We also ventured into a matter of the moment. I personally took charge of the issue of climate Change. I set up a Governor’s Climate Advisory Council domiciled in my office. Members are drawn from climate and new energy space. Osun has already produced a climate change agenda.”

Governor Adeleke however disclosed that these are just tips of the benefits to be derived by Osun people from the implementation of his five-point agenda and called on members of cabinet to adhere strictly to certain principles to achieve collective successes in service of the people. The principles are responsive government; honesty and integrity in public service; innovation in governance; prudence in governance; united, team work; harmony with bureaucrats; and due process/rule of law.

While commending the leadership of the state’s legislature for showing commitment to good governance, Governor Adeleke restated “the readiness of the executive arm to sustain that tempo of unity for state prosperity.” He noted his administration close working relationship with the judicial arm of the government in all ramifications and ready to address areas of needs as well as give attention to logistics support to enhance the efficiency of justice administration, urging all appointees “to work cooperatively with the judiciary.”

On his part, the Speaker of the Osun House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Adewale Egbedun said the Assembly is committed to partnering with the Executive in delivering good governance for the people of the state, noting that the 8th Assembly under his leadership is already laying the groundwork for the successful implementation of Governor Adeleke five-point agenda.

“We have swiftly put to rest, the conflicts in the identity and appellation of our dear State, through the Osun Anthem, Crest and Flag Law 2023. By the provisions of this Law, our State is now to be known as Osun State, as against the litigation-laden ‘State of Osun’,” he remarked.

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Speaking about the role of the legislature in driving growth and developments for the state, Rt. Hon. Egbedun noted that “The Assembly, under my leadership, is also working on new laws that will ease governance, make the State attractive to investors and make life comfortable for the people of the State. These laws are coming in through bills like the Osun State Local Content Bill, the Osun State Community Social Responsibility Bill, Osun Illegal Mining Prohibition Bill, Osun State Disability Protection Bill, among many others.”

Giving his keynote address, Dr. Victor Dare expressed confidence in the ability of the team put together by Governor Adeleke in changing the fortune of Osun state and bringing about a better turnaround in the socio-political and economic emancipation of the people of the state. Presenting a paper titled “Better Way; The World of Value”, Dr. Dare said Governor Adeleke has shown desire to get Osun out of the woods, but nevertheless, must be prepared for the challenges that lies ahead.

“Now, you have won the battle, but the war has just begun,” he sounded a cautionary note to the Governor and his team, adding that “We must therefore continue to fight daily to generate effective business results and deliver good governance to the people of Osun state.” While commending Governor Adeleke for putting up a team with expertise and capacity in handling the business of governance, Dr. Victor enjoined the appointees to “therefore hit the ground running; engage high throttle with great vigour and momentum; and deliver positive and progressive social-political and economic profit for the people of Osun State.”

Dr. Dare said the retreat was designed to set a tone for performance review in order to ensure that all appointees meet up with the objectives outlined, adding that this will not only provide clarity on the vision of the Governor, but also ensure that the people derive good benefits from the service of the appointees.

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According to him, “This performance template will be developed professionally after a technical, robust, fairy diagnosis and harmonisation of all the activities and deliverables in all Sectors of the State and forwarded for deployment. These templates are tested and trusted for performance monitoring and performance improvement and are being used by visionary organisation globally.”

Acknowledging the state’s immense potentials in agriculture, education, religion potency, culture and tourism, inputs for manufacturing and industrial activities and solid minerals, Dr. Dare said putting them into good use will ultimately shoot Osun state on the path of unprecedented greatness and zenith of performance.

“If we want the best for Osun State, we must be ready to pay the price. We must stand for Good Governance; we must exhibit ownership at all level of leadership; banish mediocrity; peruse excellence; avoid political distractors; resist negative energy and focus on our goal constantly. Let us all remember that success is not a destination but a journey to significance,”” Dr. Dare stressed.

The retreat had in attendance the Deputy Governor, Prince Kola Akinwusi, the PDP Chairman in Osun State, Hon. Sunday Bisi, the Secretary to the State Government, Alhaji Teslim Igbalaye, the Chief of Staff, Alhaji Kazeem Akinleye, the Head of Service, Mr. Samuel Aina, Permanent Secretaries’, Executive Secretaries of agencies and some selected directors in Ministeries.

Also in attendance are all the newly inaugurated Commissioners and Special Advisers, Personal Assistants and other aides of the Governor.

• Sarafa Ibrahim is a Special Assistant to the Osun State Governor, and writes from Osogbo.

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