Adeleke hails judgement, says it’s historic


The Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Adeleke has hailed the Supreme Court judgement validating his governorship election, describing the outcome as historic and a landmark development in the history of Osun politics.

Addressing journalists at his country home after the apex court ruling, the governor, surrounded by enthusiastic supporters, said
“Today is the day our God ordained to stamp his authority as the owner and giver of power;

“Today is that moment when the will of the people ordained by God survives the anti-masses plot of powerful forces;

“We therefore celebrate God Almighty, the author and finisher of our faith;

“We dedicate today’s victory to him, as we finally assume the governorship of this great state of living spring;

“State power is of God and He bestows it on whoever he wills – I will remain God driven, divinely inspired governing with the fear of God;

“Our governorship is an affirmation that a government of the people, by the people and for the people is possible;

“Our victory is a testimony that people’s will backed by divine will can withstand and survive plots of anti-democratic elements;

“I must therefore express my heartfelt appreciation to the great people of osun state for your deep support. on behalf of my family and party, i say thank you;

“To the judiciary, Osun has emerged as a moral compass, affirming the integrity of my lord justices;

“Your affirmation for truth and people’s will consolidates and strengthens our democracy. on behalf of osun people, we appreciate you and we adore your love for justice and equity;

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“To all stakeholders in the osun project, be assured that the revalidation of our mandate is a challenge, a call to duty, a fresh demand for more dividends of democracy;

“I commit myself to an even more expanded delivery of good governance; in me, you will find a truly pro-people Governor;

“I seek support and cooperation of all Osun residents and citizens irrespective of party affiliations. this is our state and we must join hands to develop it;

“My special appreciation goes to my family, my brother, my sister. you are all my strong pillar of support;

“To all imole and pdp supporters locally and internationally, our victory is validated. thanks for standing by me;

“My dear good people of Osun State, the good job continues. We shall ramp up the implementation of our five points agenda. We shall as usual focus on grassroot development and infrastructural revival of our dear state;

“Our policies shall fight poverty, unemployment and under-development. You shall truly feel, taste and dividends of democracy”, the Governor told the jubilant crowd.

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